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Welcome To Golden Bear Fire Equipment Inc.

We pride ourselves in keeping our customers safe in their homes and businesses. That is why we have chosen to supply you with our specialty service in the fire protection industry.

Our company Golden Bear Fire Equipment Inc began as a dream that sparked a desire to supply better customer service to the people we serve. We opened our doors as a modern company with old fashioned values. With over 14 years in the industry, we have extensive knowledge to provide great service as we have carefully observed the needs of the consumers. Therefore, as a small company, our goal is to be personable with our customers and get to know our customers on a first name basis. We provide high standard services at affordable prices. Customers come first above all!

Our overall goal is to establish a good working relationship with our customers. Our expectations are to keep our customers fire safety equipment up to date in service as well as updated with the new laws and regulations surrounding fire safety. It is imperative to us to lift the burden from our customers by keeping detailed records of when services are due and making contact to schedule the next service call. We encourage customers to contact us with questions or concerns on our products and services as well as general questions and concerns in fire safety.

Customer: Whether you are starting a new business or just need an inspection, we want to be the fire service company you call first. There is no job that is too large or too small for us. Let us monitor and service your fire protection needs and lift the burden from you.

Regulations: Portable Fire Extinguishers are maintained in accordance with NFPA 10, State and Local Standards and Title 19.

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